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2017 | PT Panila Indosari/Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

“#LoveandGratitude / #SehatDariKeluarga”

People tend to want the best for their family—therefore RON 88 guarantees the quality of bottled water to create a sense of security for families. Additionally, the taste of RON 88’s fresh & crisp water is a point of attraction.


The idea is to create emotional closeness to the brand with the targeted audience. We designed a communication strategy using storytelling methods to deliver the USP of RON 88, with every content showing a story of an ideal young family who are faithful to incorporate RON 88 in their lifestyle.


The campaign #LoveandGratitude and #SehatDariKeluarga attempts to build the brand positioning of RON 88 on social media, especially with the target audience of Moms who care for their families.



RON 88’s visual and information content managed to be more related to family life, with the key message of love and gratitude of family in order to meet their target audience and market needs. RON 88 gained 1000+ organic Instagram followers in a 6 months campaign, reaching a total of 175,000 people.


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