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It’s been more than a year since our world has changed. We keep on checking whether we got masks and sanitizing arsenals in our bags. The past year has changed our lifestyles and many industries attempt to stay afloat. Among the grievances many experienced, a big chunk of global citizens seemed to reveal their newfound love for nature and environment amidst the pandemic complications.


The idea of loving nature hits us when we, as a Bandung-based team, begin to see the flourishing trend of going to waterfalls (or what is locally called as curug) on the weekends. Oftentimes, the weekend trend is accompanied with cycling as a healthy exercise. It is no stranger for those in our city to go hiking or cycling on the weekends, but not at this rate. It was so often that we realized: this is a trend. A pandemic trend.

Pandemic Trends; what are those?

After COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in April 2020, countries complied with the recommended social restriction order by the organization. Therefore, workers began to work at home, schools are getting online, and weekends at the bar downtown are no longer an option (...ideally. We’re looking at you, pandemic party-goers).


The era of Zoom calls and bagging hand sanitizers is followed by a trend flourished by those who were isolated in their homes. Isolation leads to emotional distress, especially with the rising number of unemployment. In Indonesia itself, 2.6 million people were unemployed due to the pandemic. Not only to mention, the anxiety from seeing the rising number of cases--though by the time this article is written, vaccines began to be distributed.


People are longing for a touch of the outside world. The first two-weeks of the Large Scale Restriction Program or the PSBB in late March to early April 2020 took a toll on many. The campaign #DirumahAja or #StayAtHome was sprouting all over the internet as urban establishments were shut down. Instead of rowdy drunken crowds updated on Instagram stories, we’re seeing home-gardening, plant-nurturing, cooking, and food reviews all over the net. 

However, some outdoor maniacs may have managed themselves in other ways. Natural sceneries rained over our Instagram stories, especially waterfalls. Perhaps it’s because they’re the most accessible natural outdoor sites in a city surrounded by mountains. Curug has been a local delicacy of recreational destinations for centuries, and it seems like during the pandemic it is gaining a skyrocketing popularity. Not only by its luscious charm of the ecosystem, but also by the public’s increasing awareness, love, and appreciation for nature.


Pandemia Euphoria: Back To Nature

The newfound love for nature during a crisis turns out to be a natural instinct for humans. Hephzibah Anderson summarised 4 motives for humans to look for nature during crises. 

Economic grievances derived from crises--be it a pandemic, a political crashdown, or The Great Recession--often causes surging property prices. Lack of land in urban environments leads to such increase of the commodity, added with the unstable financial income of the public that decreases their capability to afford housings. 


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Therefore, people tend to move to the countrysides to live on a cheaper lifestyle budget and simpler... [TBA].




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