We are a group of companies with integrated business units, resembling an ecosystem that connect, nurture, support, and complete each other. Fostering human knowledge and wisdom is the main driving force in each of our work in order to breed responsible impacts.


Analogical to a tree, we believe deep knowledge and wisdom will stream good values and harmony to its surroundings. 



Therefore, our ideas are manifested into simple yet impactful ways in the forms of design, strategy, and methods.


We constantly attempt to adapt cultural values with the recent development of resources in order to give innovative and purposeful solutions for the economy, society, and environment. 


Though it is merely a dream and hope, we believe that a small light can spark another if collective efforts are being made—becoming an ecosystem that gives good for the earth and all in it.


Vision & Mission

We are looking forward for active stakeholders to give good for the earth and all in it, by becoming a holding company that adds value to create good impacts for the economy, society, and environment.